Penny Black the First Stamp

16 Sep

Penny Black Stamp

Penny Black the first stamp ever released is something every stamp collector know about or heard about. It’s released in 1940. It’s a simple stamp with Queen Victoria’s portrait. Even though having a Penny Black would be a dream of most stamp collectors it’s not a rare or very expensive stamp. You can buy a mint Penny Black stamp from $20 to $10,000 Depending on the quality of stamp and other things. Main reason is 286,700 stamp sheets were printed with 68,808,000 stamps. So there are thousands of stamps around the world. You can find a bad quality Penny Black from Ebay for even less than $10 if you search around.

This stamp didn’t last long in service because the red seal they used for cancellation could be easily removed. So after a year in service they stopped printing these and had started printing ” Penny Red ” stamps.

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