Penny Red Stamp

23 Sep

Penny Red Stamp

Penny Red stamp was issued in 1841 to replace Penny Black stamps. Mainly because red seal in black stamp was not visible enough. Black seal on Red stamp worked great so it was in useĀ  in Great Britain and Ireland until 1879. As to records more than 21 billion Penny Red stamps were printed.

Value of these stamps are varies. The plate 77 Penny Red stamps are probably the most valuable since only 9 stamps are known to exist. Recently one stamp was auctioned for more than half million pounds (over one million USD).

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  1. I have a Penny Red, in the corners are a small A left bottom, I bottom right, Same on top corners stamped on this is the P/O stamp 20 apr 1863/8 I am not sure of the year but I think its 1868, What do they mean by Plate 77? I am 89yrs old and these stamps have been in my hands for some 85yrs, I also have very old American stamps, can you advise or suggest as I think when I have gone they will end up in the skip. .if you get my meaning

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