First Stamp Issued by Brazil

29 Mar

First Stamp Issued by Brazil

The Bull’s Eye postage stamp is the first stamp Issued by Brazil and also They are to second country in the world who has started using postage stamps after Great Britain. on 1st August 1843 Brazil issued not just one but three postage stamps with face values of 30, 60, and 90 Réis.

Just like Great Britain they didn’t print country name on these stamps either. 90 Réis was for use of international mail. 1,148,994 30 réis stamps and 1,502,142 of the 60 réis stamps were printed. only 349,182 90 réis stamps were printed so this one is more rare and expensive.

But first stamp of Brazil is not extremely rare or expensive. price could be between 5000 – 100 USD depending on condition etc.

Swiss born famous stamp collector Hugo Goeggel is known to have the biggest and best collection of these Bull’s Eyes stamps. 2013 he sold part of his collection through Corinphila auctions.

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